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About NLA

Founded in the heart of Garden Grove in 2023, Nail Labo Academy (NLA) is a nail school built on the idea that nail artists should teach and learn from other nail artists in a creative, supportive environment. 


NLA offers tutorials with a wide range of techniques to further your skillset - 3D Art, Handpainting, Airbrushing, and more. NLA delivers a world-class learning experience with online video lessons available at your convenience and streamed to whichever device you prefer.


NLA offers both in-person and online classes. Whether it be the hands-on experience with the artist themselves or joining us from home on our new live streaming 4k platform, furthering your nail education has never been easier. NLA makes it possible to learn from the world’s best.

​Mission Statement

Nail Labo Academy’s mission is to empower the nail community by providing quality education for all. Through partnerships with world renowned artists, we strive to be an accessible platform for nail innovation while setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

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