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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Get Started?!
    We're so excited that you want to be a part of Nail Labo Academy! Here are the basic steps to start taking courses right away. Step 1: Sign Up! (Don't worry, membership to NLA is completely free 😅) Step 2: You now have access to every course! Click on an artist's "see videos" button to start browsing. Step 3: Select a course you'd like to take and click on the "Buy" button Step 4: You'll need a Vimeo Account (Signing up is ALSO completely free) Step 5: Purchase! Step 6: Enjoy your content directly from the artist's page OR from your Vimeo account -> Purchases which can then be streamed to wherever you like. If you need further assistance with the process, we are more than happy to help! ❤️
  • Where Do I Find My Purchased Videos?
    Every purchased video is stored in your Vimeo account -> Purchases. Please refer to video for visual instruction. 🤗 Step1: Log in to Step 2:
  • What is Nail Labo Academy?
    Founded in the heart of Garden Grove in 2023, Nail Labo Academy (NLA) is a nail school built on the idea that artists should teach and learn from other nail artists in a creative, supportive environment. Whether it be in 3d Art, Hand painting, Airbrushing, and more, Nail Labo Academy delivers a world class learning experience. Online video tutorials are available at your convenience and accessible on the device of your choice. ​ We offer both in-person and online classes. Our hi-res streaming platform makes it possible for anyone to watch video tutorials taught by world’s best nail artists. ​
  • Where can I watch?
    With NLA, you can learn and be inspired on the streaming device of your choice.
  • How much does NLA cost?
    The cost of the class varies depending on the duration and difficulty level. Our videos are hosted through Vimeo in which creating an account is FREE.
  • Do you accept refunds?
    All sales are FINAL. No Refunds or Exchanges.
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